Thursday, January 5, 2012

Year 2011

A very eventful year...

We moved our shop last Raya 2010 to the new premises and the workers managed to stay a bit longer. Thus allows for me to concentrate more on the distributing company and Ah Wei.

The distributing company is more self providing but we cannot affort another staff... it could be better but due to the restrictions that boss have instructed, really its a "tight hand tight leg". Then the break-in before Raya this year and the messed up MSIG, took us two months to get back just 5 thousands, then it was us kept calling them up. So, thumbs down on MSIG, really messy company that do not know their procedures. The last time we deal with AXA on the flooding issue on our shop was a breeze, just two weeks with the same amount.

Ah Wei... I am speachless... I thought that he can improve during this one year, but he have been painfully slow... still so "baby" like. Now he is in Tadika Chim, I am so worried that he might be "kick out" anytime now.

But still, life have been good, we managed to go on the Baby Fair in Hong Kong earlier this year, then to UK and Ireland in Sep. Though after that, things just goes down hill, but the nice memories still lingers in my mind.

Now 2012, we are back to square one without any workers, Ting & Wei are struggling with first year in Standard 1 (still very new to me, my version of Primary 1) and Tadika (cos, my version of Kindergarden). My unkeen house, which I sort of let it to rot stage. The soon to take off new distributing company which I most probably do not have time to take care. Stuffs that I would very much loved to do but could not...

So welcome 2012! I am nervous... c'est la vie

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